Cyber Attack Protection

Cyber Attack Protection

What is a cyber-attack? This is an activity involving attempting to disable a computer, unlawfully acquiring computer data, or using a compromised computer system to launch an attack. Cybercriminals use various methods to launch an attack. This may include;

Common types of cyber-attacks.

• Malware

This is an application that is designed to carry out a variety of malicious tasks.

• Phishing

This involves the attacker trying to trick an inspecting victim into giving out important information like passwords or credit card details.

• Man-in-the-middle attack.

In this situation, an attacker intercepts the flow of communication between two people to steal personal information.

• Distributed denial-of-service attack

In this case, an attacker floods a targeted server that has got traffic to disrupt or bring down the targeted organization.

Reasons why businesses need cybersecurity

1. Cyber-attack is here to stay.

With more reliance on technology, the world is becoming more interconnected. With this increase, cyber attackers enhance their attacking skills using sophisticated methods. To be secure, it is advised to constantly be updated on what is happening in the cybersecurity world. More businesses are increasingly becoming reliant on technology, thereby necessitating incorporation of cybersecurity into corporation systems.

2. Cybersecurity saves on costs.

Installing a cybersecurity policy is a costly exercise. However, the services you get in return will be a long-term cost-saving measure. This is because whenever there is a breach, a lot of money is spent on lawsuits, restoration of disrupted business operations, and rebuilding the company’s damaged reputation.

3. Cybersecurity supports company growth.

Businesses may start small, and with time they grow into a more prominent organization. Therefore, it is essential as Alexander Djerassi suggests to have cybersecurity that will help safeguard the organization’s data of its clients and employees from the time it is a start-up to the time it has grown to a more prominent company.

4. Cybersecurity will help pull investors and clients.

Investors are people who invest in properties that will guarantee a return on their investment. When a company has a good cybersecurity measure, it will give an investor a guarantee n his investment. The same applies to clients; they like companies they can trust and are sure to keep their data safe. With a sound cybersecurity system, a company will attract a lot of investors and clients.

5. It is a regulation for many companies.

With the increasing amount of data that companies possess, companies must comply with some regulations to govern the security of the digital assets in their possession.

These regulations help guard the data against theft, misuse, and losses. When companies fail to comply with these regulations, they are liable to penalties and fines.

Ways organizations can protect themselves against cyber-attack.

i. By educating their staff

ii. Prioritize on protecting their sensitive data

iii. By implementing a third-party risk management solution

iv. By installing a firewall


Cybersecurity is a significant concern around the globe. We should therefore make it a priority to ensure all companies adopt cybersecurity in their DNA just like Alexander Djerassi advocates.