Coupon Companies with Your Best Interest At Heart

The San Francisco startup known as is taking their community by storm! But why? This website is based solely on saving you and me money and connecting us with the products and services that we know and love for a cheaper cost. Is it possible that the consumer, company, and supportive online friend can all win with this one? Yes. And here’s why,

AI based program

Because of the software and computerized system that this company is based around, it’s able to find deals and coupons in real time to get you the best deals on whatever you’re desiring at that moment! It scours it’s network for deals in your area on everything ranging from your favorite foods, to a nail spa service and finds the newest money saving promotions within minutes and delivers them right to your phone. Along with this, it personalized an account for you in order to find more products to make your life happier, healthier, and easier. With this computerized system constantly at your service, you’ll not only find the best deals on products that you love, but you’ll also be able to find new products that you didn’t know you’ve been missing in your life!

These companies want you to save money

A company wouldn’t produce a coupon or deal for you if they didn’t want you to use it. Especially in trying times such as these, where businesses are shutting down and the economy is struggling, large corporations are doing what they can to help out the customers in the best way possible. One of the many ways they’re doing this is through temporary promotions and deals open to the public. What help will they do either side though, if no one is aware of them! searches out these deals for the benefit of you, the customer, as well as them, the business that you love and want to support.

Lower cost of medium

Just like we see with corporations such as Venmo and PayPal, there is often an intermediary fee for services provided. What we don’t realize is how high some of those fees actually are. With other merchant companies, some of those fees could range upwards to 50% of total savings, meaning that you really are only getting half of the deal that you’ve been promised; or that you think you’ve been promised at least. With Vocallylocal, they pride themselves on the savings that they’re providing you and not on the income gifted them by your unbeknownst donation.

$0 deals!

Everyone loves free stuff! Unlike other merchant companies, Vocallylocal boasts of their ability to provide $0 deals. Check it out and see what local deals you might be able to find totally for free!

With their AI software constantly on the lookout for the newest and best deals, customized software bringing you closer to the products you know and love, lower cost of medium, and $0 deals, I think it’s safe to say that this website,, revolves around win win scenarios. Check out their app Volo for more info.