Concept Phone – The BlackBerry TK5 Justice

DigitalHomeBoy has released an amazing concept design (not the real phone) of what the next BlackBerry Bold running OS10 could look like.   This is sure to please those that can’t live without the QWERTY keyboard’s speed and ease of use.

For BlackBerry Bold lovers, this concept is beautiful, stylish, and sticks with the overall familiarity of a BlackBerry Device.  DigitalHomeBoy states on his site:

Being functional shouldn’t hinder design – they should compliment each other. Customers of tomorrow aren’t going to be the same as yesterday. In designing for the tomorrow customer I tried to stay away from recycling a design that was deemed a success to that maker and go with a

design that would bring a newness to it.

The overall approach of the design was to keep it simple with a very minimal and clean, but strong and fresh appeal to combat what is currently on and going to be in the market. In doing this, removing the the use of shiny plastics and gleaming chrome bezels meant to think of what design trends will be tomorrow that can reach an audience who will accept it today.

The pictures of the concept design on his site are plentiful, and truly amazing.  With full details and explanations about the Justice, it’s a very good read.

RIM should take notice.

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