Clancey Braxton Yohman Shares His Most Coveted Sales Tips

sales secret by Clancey Braxton Yohman
sales secret tips by Clancey Braxton Yohman

Convincing an individual or a friend to buy a product or utilize a service could be a lot of work. It becomes even more difficult if similar products within the vicinity offer the same services as yours when looking to grow a business. Yet, we still see sales experts excel in meeting targets and goals, surpassing them by far more than expected. 

When armed with the correct information, anyone can turn into a money-making, target-meeting sales professional who can set the proper standard for others to follow. Hence, here are some tips from the marketing expert Clancey Braxton Yohman that can immediately get you down that road.

Follow Up Is the Key

After a product has been promoted across social media and other traditional marketing platforms, leads are expected to start pouring in to make inquiries. Some might buy the product instantly, while others do not.

While it is easy to think that the latter was genuinely not interested in making a purchase, the reverse is usually the case. Research has shown that a section of such individuals only needed to be further convinced before committing their finances.

Based on this, it is essential to follow up all relevant leads with emails and calls that will help build trust and inform the person better on how much benefit they can get if they make the purchase.

Avoid Bothering, but be Persistent

There is a thin line between nagging and being persistent, and you must do well not to cross it during the sometimes-drawn-out process of persuading a lead to make a purchase,

Making sure you concentrate on the proper people is the first step in accomplishing this. In essence, you should only utilize all available sales tactics if you genuinely believe there is an excellent chance of persuading the person. 

Back off from direct communication if it doesn’t end up working. Following that, you can connect with them on LinkedIn so they can see you share valuable content. Over time, you’ll establish trust, which will eventually lead to patronage.

Use Technology to Rack up More Sales

When salespeople need to knock on doors and try to persuade people to buy something is long gone. It’s an exciting moment to be in sales since more and more resources are available to salespeople than ever before, including software, technologies, and tools.

These tools help automate the sales funnel and utilize artificial intelligence to analyze sales data and give forecasts, ensuring that the sales process is fully optimized. Find these tools, use them, accept them, become proficient with them, and start selling in the most efficient manner possible.

Gift Giving and Discounts

One of the most underused sales techniques is the usefulness of giving gifts and discounts. It is crucial for strengthening the bond between customers and businesses. When you offer presents or discounts, you express your sincere gratitude and appreciation for their patronage to the receiver.

Ultimately, this will trigger customers to want to make future purchases as they know that you are genuinely concerned about them.