CEO John Chen Thinks BlackBerry Devices Need More Apps

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that BlackBerry devices need more applications during a discussion at the Churchill Club in Palo Alto, California. He pointed out that Amazon’s app store was not sufficient, saying how new partnerships must be made.

“If you really want to play in the bigger market, you are going to have to be cross-platform. You are going to have to have partners; otherwise you go away.”

According to Chen, the contents of Amazon’s app store are not enough to compete with the content found on Google Play or Apple’s iTunes Store. “We’re working hard at that,” Chen commented.

We have already seen the BlackBerry Passport running on Android and we’ve been hearing a lot about how the upcoming BlackBerry Venice smartphone is also capable of running the Android mobile operating system. Maybe this is one way of solving the problem that BlackBerry has yet to officially unveil.

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