Case Review: Case-Mate Barely There Case For BlackBerry Curve 3G (85XX)

Yes! you read it right!, It’s a case review from BlackBerry Empire!!, So to start let me tell you i’ve always been a big fan of barely there cases from Case-Mate and once i saw this super funny case by Tad Carpenter for Case-Mate, I couldn’t help but be In ♥ with it, and it surely gives your phone a great stylish feel! but i just didn’t bought one case i bought a Coca Cola case as well since i’m a big fan of it!! here’s the pic:

So let’s stop with my new-case happiness and on to the review shall we?, First, you’re if you’re looking for a super protection case this is no good for you as it only protects the back and the sides of your phone, but if you’re looking for great style protection from the everyday wear and tear this is an awesome case i would recommend to anyone! and here are the reasons why:

The Good:

Slim and Light weight Design

Cool Patterns to choose from

Great Everyday Wear and Tear Protection

Fits The Phone Snugly but Very Easy to Put On and Get Off

Great Grip & Plastic Quality

So Light It can Be Used With Holsters (No Pocket Pouches Though)

Comes With A Screen protector

Also Available for: BlackBerry Bold 9900, 9700/9780

The Bad:

If You Drop Your Phone from Big Heights Don’t Expect This To Fully Protect it

Might Be A Little Expensive For Some People at the us$35.00 Price It Has Considering It’s Just A Hard Shell Case

Expect Some Designs Peel Off at the Month Or two

Overall Rating

7 out of 10

Great Case if you’re looking for a stylish way to protect your phone! ♥

Well, that’s a wrap! if you found this helpful please comment and if you want to buy this cases the links are highlighted at the begining!, Happy New Year and let’s make 2012 RIM’S #COMEBACKYEAR! ♥

Get the Case-Mate Case for your BlackBerry 85xx here.