CARVED Has The Unique BlackBerry Z10 Case You Want!


Since the BlackBerry Q10 was released in the U.S., I have been rocking the physical keyboard version of the awesome BlackBerry 10 Operating System. But last week, I was given the opportunity to try out a very unique BlackBerry Z10 case by CARVED.


As you can see it is an American made snap on case with a wood grain design. The kicker? It is a real wood engraving! Here is what the website  says: “No adhesive, no exposed sides, just a simple case designed to protect and show off both your Blackberry Z10 and the beautifully finished wood.” BOOM! Simple, and yet protective and uniquely stylish.

IMG_00000934 IMG_00000933 IMG_00000936

So, now on to the nitty-gritty. The case itself is a hard, flexible plastic with a soft feel touch to it. The wood design on the back is laser engraved and very precise. I found myself trying to be very careful taking off the case, but realized quickly that the case was very durable. Sliding the Z10 into the case was easy, and the case fit snug around the phone. There was a click indicating the case had seated, and there was enough lip to protect the Z10 when placed glass side down.

IMG_00000938 IMG_00000937 IMG_00000935

All the ports and buttons are accessible, however the volume rockers at times were a little hard to work, especially when I had the Z10 in my car mount. Overall though, no issues with the ports and having the accessibility definitely meant I was able to #KeepMoving with this case on my Z10. The wood grain and laser etching are phenomenal! I instantly gravitated toward the dark wood and world map design, but there are so many to choose from that you will have to check it out. From custom designs, including a puzzle set up, to colors and varied wood types, there is a design for everyone.

Well, the case is a winner aesthetically no doubt. You will be hard pressed to find another case like this. But a case is not only about looks, it is about protecting our valuable BlackBerry devices. Having friends and family oooh and ahhh about how amazing the case looks definitely feels awesome, but what makes it even more worthwhile, is having your device take a spill and see that same unique case do the important task of protecting.

IMG_00000949 IMG_00000946IMG_00000940

The CARVED case did not disappoint. Being an uber klutz just means I will put a case through a test of protection without even trying. On numerous occasions I reached out to put my device on the coffee table and my depth perception told me, ‘Go ahead, let your Z10 go, you are over the table’ and yet when I let go, my Z10 went straight to the hardwood floor. Not only was the phone protected and undamaged, when looking over the CARVED case, there were no signs of a fall at all!

As you know from previous posts, I typically will only use a case that has a holster. However, I found myself really enjoying not having a holster and showing off the exquisite laser engraving of the world map design. The case is simple in the way of being a snap-on type case, but is anything but simple in design and quality. Check out their site and grab a CARVED case for your Z10!

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