Camera++ Gets Updated With New Features and Bug Fixes

IN MobiSoft has rolled out an update that brings some minor additions and bug fixes to their BlackBerry 10 camera application.

If you’re one of those camera gurus who always wants the perfect shot, purchasing apps like these may be in your interest. Camera++ provides you with the tools designed for anyone (no matter your skill level) to focus on taking the best shot possible.

List of new updates included in the new version of the app :

  • Updated UI.
  • Default resolution has been set to 4:3 aspect ratio to maximize the sensor use.
  • Media keys issue has been fixed when in the minimized app.
  • Shutter speed issue has been fixed for the BlackBerry Passport.
  • Improvements have been made to manual focus on devices with a buggy camera driver.
  • An experimental exposure lock has been added (lock can be activated/deactivated by using long press inside focus region).
  • Long press on focus button (to select focusing mode) has been added.

You can find Camera++ at BlackBerry World for $2.99 US here.

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