Bong Types

When smoking marijuana, you’ll discover that one of the pieces of equipment you can use is known as a bong. These have different effects compared to joints and blunts because they generally provide a more intense experience because of the vapors and the heat. Some bongs can even filter the vapor through the water to trap any harmful particles or unwanted chemicals. 

We have decided to create this article so that you can learn about the different types of bongs. Once you know about them, you can choose which one you’d like to use. As you use a bong, you will gradually become more comfortable with it and enjoy the experience of smoking marijuana. 

The Carburetor Bong

This type of bong will have a hole inside. These are called carburetors. Their effect is to increase the intensity of your hit every time you inhale some vapor. The reason for this is that when you uncover the hole, air enters the bong. This pushes the vapor deeper into your lungs as well as making it quicker to breathe it in. That means you’ll have a higher concentration of nicotine in your lungs. 

The Straight-Tube Bong 

If you’re looking for a simple bong with no fussing and no added complications, then you can select a straight-tube bong. All they feature is a bowl attached to the side of a tube. You fill the tube with water and then put the marijuana inside the bowl. That’s it. You can then use the mouthpiece to smoke it. 

The Beaker Bong 

This type of bong is similar to the example given above, except the base is in the shape of a cone and looks like a beaker from a science lab. The wider base allows these bongs to sit more easily. Other than that, the smoking process is identical to that of a straight-tube bong. Simply add your marijuana, some water, heat the base, and you’ll be good to go. 

The Round Bong 

Round bongs make a further change to the design you’ve just read about in the beaker bong paragraph. The main difference is that the bowl is shaped like a sphere. The base remains flat, and the tube remains long. If you want to use this bong, then the instructions to follow are the same as the for the beaker bong. 

The Chamber Bong 

For a more complex smoking experience, you can use a bong with a variety of chambers. These enable the marijuana to be filtered multiple times before you inhale it. The result of this is that the smoke is colder and smoother compared to any of the other bongs. These bongs are more difficult to build, and they cost more to buy. They’re also recommended for those with more experience. It’s worth keeping this in mind if you choose to smoke marijuana using this method. 

  • The Percolator Bong

This type of bong requires a more detailed explanation to understand, but luckily there are resources online that allow you to learn what a percolator bong is. These will allow you to become informed quickly about this type of bong and what it’s most useful for. 

  • Conclusion 

Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of what some of the most common types of bong are. You’ll also know how to use them, and have some understanding of their design. This means you can choose to smoke marijuana in the way that most appeals to you and suits your budget. Doing this can help you to become more familiar with bongs and using them to smoke. 

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