Review/GIVEAWAY: BlackBerry Z10 Dual Pro Shine Case from INCIPIO


You read right!!! BlackBerry Empire and Incipio are teaming up to send you a Brand New BlackBerry Z10 Dual Pro Shine Case from Incipio. I recently got a hold of one of these cases and let me tell you, with its nice design and aluminum finish the case is a looker. With most cases that look good, you don’t get the optimal protection you would want to for your BlackBerry Smartphone, but with Incipio’s Dual Pro Shine Case, your device is entirely protected.


Incipio is a household name and they have the proof in their cases to back up their Company as being one of the best in the industry. As I mentioned I had the opportunity to get my Z10 wrapped around one of this cases, the Dual Pro Shine Case, and oh boy was I impressed. As you can see in the picture above taken directly from the Incipio website the case has a solid build and looks sleek enough to rock for any occasion. Now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of this case.

BBE 4 pictures dual pro shine

This is a dual protection case, so you are getting a dual layer case for all of you who like to make sure your device in well protected. The cases first layer of protection is a  impact resistant silicone wrap, followed by a Plextonium shell, then brushed with an aluminum finish. The pictures above show you views of the case front and back when the layers of protection are separate and another when they are assembled. You may notice a few “drop” scratches and dents in my photos, but I am a little bit accident prone when it comes to my phone, so you can see why I was excited to receive this case. The dual layer protection kept my phone in one piece despite dropping my phone several times on solid surfaces while testing out this case. The case stood up to the unexpected drop tests I inadvertently put it through.

BBE 3 pictures side views

As with any case, the topic of accessibility to the device’s ports, power button and volume buttons come in to question. Since these cases are “Made for BlackBerry”, Incipio custom fitted the impact resistant silicone and Plextonium shell to perfection as to not affect quick access to these ports. I have seen some cases that cover up these ports in effort to protect them, but hamper the quick access to them, my opinion, the quick I can get to these ports, the better. You can also see the Plextonium shell all around the phone.



In the picture above you see my Z10 protected by the Dual Pro Shine Case. The case fits the device snug and tight, and with the aluminum finish to give it some shine that will definitely make some heads turn in the office or when you are out and about. The dual layer design is made of radio transparent material so no signal strength will be compromised  for looks and protection. All and all the Dual Pro Shine Case is one of Incipio’s top tier cases that they have to offer and one of the best in the Z10 accessory in the market  today.

Now what you all have been waiting for… The Giveaway!!! You can own one of these brand new Dual Pro Shine Cases for your Z10 by following these simple steps:

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If you want to purchase this case or any other case in the awesome Incipio case line up, you can see the Dual Pro Shine HERE or visit the Incipio Store.

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