BlackBerry To Release Flagship A10 Device In November?


With the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 officially launched in several countries worldwide, The Verge reports that BlackBerry will be releasing the flagship BlackBerry A10 device in November.

According to The Verge, Sprint has already agreed to supporting the device, Sprint did skip on the BlackBerry Z10 device, will be launching the BlackBerry Q10 “soon”.

BlackBerry is set to launch 6 new BlackBerry 10 devices by the end of this year as reported a few months back.

The BlackBerry A10 is the device that CEO Thorsten Heins hinted at in an earlier interview with CNET.

“There’s one new product I’m excited about, but I can’t really share it,” Heins told CNET in March.

The A10 is said to be the new all-touch device that BlackBerry will be releasing, seems like they will be going back and forth from physical keyboard to all-touch until all 6 devices launch. According to a few reports the A10 will be what some may consider BlackBerry Z10 2.0.

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