BlackBerry Targets “Hyper-connected Multi-tasking Achiever People”


Fox Business had an interview with BlackBerry CEO and President Thorsten Heins yesterday and very pointedly asked when the U.S. market could expect the release of the Q10. Thorsten’s  response was that the target time frame for the U.S. release was the end of May.

  When pushed about the smartphone market share and if BlackBerry hopes to take back some of that this year after dropping from 13 to 5% over the last year, Thorsten identified BlackBerry users as “hyper-connected multi-tasking achiever people” and that BlackBerry is targeting that segment of indivduals.

  I don’t know about you, but I can definitely relate. Since the release of the Z10 I haven’t been able to put it down and have been able to do more things at one time than should be allowed. The upcoming Q10 has me even more excited. As was identified in the video, the sales and outlook numbers keep getting raised for the BlackBerry. All signs are pointing in a positive direction and although Thorsten won’t provide actual benchmarks, he seemed to be very pleased with the success of the BlackBerry OS10 platform thus far.


  Thorsten also addressed the issue of the return rate and although would not identify numerically where the Z10 falls, he did emphasize that the Z10 return rate was in the range expected. Having had to defend BlackBerry in reference to the rates of returns versus sales, Thorsten added that Verizon and BlackBerry each have their own way of crunching the numbers to find out the rate of returns, and that they both showed within the expected range.

  It will be interesting to hear what news comes out during BlackBerry Live Orlando in May as far as the release of the Q10 along with any future BlackBerry devices that may be in the works. This is a very exciting time for BlackBerry, its loyal customers and future users. Stay up to date with us here and in the meantime watch the interview and tell us your thoughts below!

SOURCE: Fox Business Video

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