BlackBerry has suspended OS 10.3.1 update for older generation devices

BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry initially launched the major OS update for older devices just last month and has now suspended the update for Rogers, Bell and TELUS users.BlackBerry has acknowledged a number of issues that users are experiencing when updating to OS (SW for the older generation BlackBerry 10 devices, which include the Z10, Q10, Q5 and Z30. It is not yet known whether the update has just been suspended worlwide or just customers in Canada and the US.



BlackBerry has suspended the release of update version due to the update causing several issues with devices. As we receive more information we will update this story.


For now, TELUS is working with BlackBerry to

  • ensure repairs sent regarding this issue are not classified as No Fault Found and
  • to determine if BlackBerry will support out-of-warranty repairs for impacted devices.


Potential issues expeienced after updating to software version


Device does not:

  • connect to a network
  • boot up
  • accept a charge

Device experiences increased battery drain



If a customer reports any of the above issues, follow the steps below.

  1. Attempt a Factory Reset

  2. If the issues persist and the device is under warranty, send it for repair

  3. Enter “10.3.1 update issue” in the repair comment.


MobileSyrup first reported on the news, accquiring comments from Bell and Rogers

A Rogers spokesperson said, “We are aware that some devices had an issue with the recent download of 10.3.1 for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. BlackBerry is working towards a solution and we will update our customers as soon as possible. The update is no longer being sent out to our customers.”

A Bell spokesperson echoed the message with, “The update has stopped, but you should connect with BB directly for more info.”

Has your device been suffering from the listed issues? I, personally have been experiencing battery drain on my Z30 and oddly enough, turning off mobile data and relying on WiFi has somehow improved my battery life massively. Turning off “run in background” on Android apps may have played a part too. Rest assured though, BlackBerry is working on a fix.

Keep it locked in to BlackBerry Empire as the story progresses.

p.s. Thanks for the screenshot, Justin!