BlackBerry Empire 7 16GB FREE Micro SDCards Giveaway, Join Now!!


BlackBerry Empire teams up with to bring you another Giveaway before the 2012 is officially over. We have seven 16 GB Micro SDCards up for grabs for BlackBerry Empire Readers!! By the end of the year, our phones get added media space and memory with all the added activity during the Holidays, some of us could use a bigger SDCard. Well if your one of those people here’s how to win one of these SDCards:

  • Tweet this post, share it on FaceBook and drop a comment on why you would want a free SDCard.
  • Make sure you stop by and check out their Year-End Sales!!

The contest will end when 25 new users sign up and we will pick seven readers so let everyone you know, know.

Don’t forget to visit to take advantage of the Year-End Savings on all your cellphone needs.


25 thoughts on “BlackBerry Empire 7 16GB FREE Micro SDCards Giveaway, Join Now!!

  1. I would love to have a 16GB Micro SD card from BlackBerry Empire. I am an avid podcast listener. So whether it is tech-related, political, entertainment or basebal, the amount of space that I have left on my 8GB card left for new podcasts is always at a premium. A card that would almost double the space available would be quite welcome. Thanks for the great contest.

  2. I would love to win this contest since I always take loads of pictures and store a lot of songs on my BlackBerry. Please pick me!!

  3. I would love a 16gb card for the simple,easy fact that I had to save pictures to my macbook pro just to free up room for my music. This card would be a great addition to my already excellent phone.
    Thanks in advance BlackBerry Empire for an awesome contest!

  4. I would love to win a 16gb card so I can give it to my mother who currently only has a 4g and I was planning on buying a larger size for her. But If I could win one, all the better.

  5. I NEED a 16gb sd card…. I have a 2gb and it got full a looooooong time ago … No money for a new one 🙁 Diosito please let me win this SDcard… I will love BBE forever

  6. I would love a 16gb sd card cuz this junk 2gb that I currently have got maxed out a long time aggo, I enjoy reading all your updates on bbe you guys to a great job.

  7. I need SD card for many things, 16 GB will be good to do all those things, so if I win, I will do many good things for sd card. I love BBE. Many good things… Send sd card and I do many good thing like BBE.. Thank you for the time..

  8. I would love to surprise my wife with one of these 16GB beauties! She has a birthday close to Christmas and I try to make it special anyway. This would be a nice reminder that I’m still thinking about her. Keep keepin it real BBE!

    Happy New Year everyone and best of luck!

  9. Looking forward to get one of these and fire up my Bold 9900.

    This would be the best way to say goodbye to 2012.

    Thanks BBEmpire!

  10. Hey guys, we have the winners for the 16 GB sdcard giveaway… BlackBerry Empire would like to thank all the participants in the contest!! Winners will need to email me their addresses to ship out the sdcard… Winners are as follows:
    1. Kevin
    2. Tashanna
    3. Zaida
    4. Gabriel
    5. Ezak
    6. Kilo
    7. John M.
    Again thank you everyone for participating, winners you can email me your adress at

    1. I have yet to email the prizes due to a few of the contestants not sending in their addresses.
      I have received the following address, if you have not yet sent them to, Please do so within 24 hours or you will forfeit your winnings to another BBE Reader thanks….
      John M
      Kevin and Tashanna, you have 24 hours to send me your address or another reader will be selected.

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