BlackBerry to bring back trackpad and other core functions that power users love

BlackBerry Trackpad

According to sources BlackBerry is working on bringing back the trackpad on physical keyboard devices and other core functions that BlackBerry users have always loved. We already know that BlackBerry is going back to its roots by focusing on their enterprise services but now sources familiar with the company say that John Chen will announce Tuesday at MWC  in Barcelona that BlackBerry will restore its trademark “belt” of five function keys that sat between the screen and keyboard (Call/Dial- Menu – Trackpad – Back – End call buttons).

This includes a trackpad and other keys that allowed users to easily navigate between different applications. The belt will appear later this year on phones powered by the BlackBerry 10 operating system. – Globe and Mail

The change is more than a feature upgrade: It is a symbolic gesture, making it easier to communicate, power users love it. What other core functions do you think John Chen will announce tomorrow? Would you like the trackpad to make a return to BlackBerry devices?

9 thoughts on “BlackBerry to bring back trackpad and other core functions that power users love

  1. I think bringing the trackpad back is a step back for BlackBerry, they should find another way of implementing it like over a few buttons on the keyboard

    So like the G or the T key becomes touch sensitive and replaces the need for a bug black square

    Idk i just think bringing back the old style bb’s will ruin the new modern image they’re trying to create

  2. I would love to get the Trackpad back, I already reactivated my 9900 and will sell my Q10 because I want to use the Trackpad 😉

  3. No! No No No!

    Blackberry 10 does not need the belt and the OS is no longer designed to support it (which means there may be inconsistencies or incompatibilities).

    The only use it really has a use for is text selection, which can be resolved by:
    Q series: implementing a numlock so the numbers can be used as a d-pad
    Z series: Improving the current text selection cursor, for example making it easier to bring up.

  4. Touchscreen is great tech if you have two working hands. The trackpad makes it possible for one-handed people to use smartphones far more easily. Removing it disenfranchises thousands of elderly and disabled people and many veterans.

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