BlackBerry 10 Will Be Available In The US “In a few short weeks”

BlackBerry 10 US
Yes, the country who in my opinion was supposed to get BlackBerry 10 first, the United States, is one of the countries that will be the last to get BlackBerry 10. From what I can say based on my experience of having a BlackBerry 10 Z10 device for almost a month, it will definitely be worth the wait. BlackBerry tweeted earlier:



Now it is a waiting game, what carrier will be releasing BlackBerry 10 devices first? I know people of all three major carriers in the United States, AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon who are patiently waiting for their carriers to hurry up and launch it. Sprint will also be on board with BlackBerry 10 for those who have been wondering, we posted a while back showing their BlackBerry 10 coming soon page.

Keep checking back in with us as we gather more information on a busy March month for BlackBerry & BlackBerry 10.