BlackBerry 10 Device Roadmap Spotted Online – R10, U10 and B10 Coming Later This Year


We know for a fact that BlackBerry 10 does not stop with the Q10 set to launch in April/May. We’ve been told by BlackBerry and CEO Thorsten Heins that other models would soon follow, some entry level and perhaps a flagship device. Well this morning a 2013 roadmap leaked online showing what could possibly come later this year. 

Some interesting names showed up on this alleged 2013 roadmap. We’re concrete about the Z10 and Q10 but some others are new such as the

  • U10
  • R10
  • B10

The U10 resembles much of the Z10 being all-touch but is pictured to be a lot wider. Could this be BlackBerry’s punch to the Samsung Note 2, which has gained a lot of traction on the phone and tablet market (Phablet)?

The R10 has a QWERTY keyboard but is also wide like the pictured U10

Also listed is the B10. This could mean 2 things. Either we’ll see BlackBerry 10 come to the existing PlayBook tablet or this could mean an all new BlackBerry 10 tablet which was rumored last month. Either was its exciting to see BlackBerry is working hard to push out devices that cater to different peoples liking.


Source: N4BB