Baby Monitor for BlackBerry from TrustBe

TrustBe the makers of BlackBerry Empire’s RSS App, brings us another amazing app for those of you who are parents or soon to be parents. Baby Monitor for BlackBerry is a easy to use, reliable app used for monitoring your baby while they sleep or when you have to step out of the baby’s room for second or two. Here is what TrustBe brings to our BlackBerrys with this app:

  • You can monitor your baby while they are sleeping or while you are out of the room with this awesome BlackBerry App. The app itself is fairly simple to use, simply place a BlackBerry device near your sleeping baby. The only thing needed besides this app is a pair of BlackBerry devices with simple identification.
  • At TrustBe their main focus is on reliability. Network connections can fail occasionally, and we know as a parent you want to keep a close watch over your little one. TrustBe took the extra steps to ensure “Baby Monitor” was carefully inspected. They have identified all the fail scenarios, should any disconnection occur, you will be informed via audio and a visual signal from the app itself.
  • Baby Monitor for BlackBerry does not have any range restrictions and can be used virtually with any network (Wi-Fi, 3G, Edge, etc.) You are no longer limited to a single Wi-Fi network like you are with other baby monitoring apps that are currently on App World.
  • The app supports all BlackBerry devices including BlackBerry Smartphones and The  PlayBook™. The app runs smoothly on OS5 and above (even on older BlackBery devices).  Also Native BlackBerry interface is used for familiarity among BlackBerry users.

For a limited time the app is available at at $3.99 that’s 20% off the regular price. Hurry over to before the sale ends!!

A special thanks goes out to Jan Kafka from TrustBe for letting us know about this wonderful app!


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