All you Ever Need to Know About Car Insurance

If you are new to motoring, car insurance is mandatory in every country and there are quite a few different insurance packages available from the online broker. Driving a vehicle that is uninsured is a serious offence and should you injure someone, you will be in a lot of trouble, so do not take the chance, not even for a short drive to the local store.

Here are the various types of car insurance policies that are available to the motorist.

  • Class 1 Insurance – Also known as ‘fully comprehensive’, this covers your vehicle and any other vehicle that might be involved in an accident with you. Check out the amazing deals that are on offer from, a leading Thai company that has a wide range of insurance packages. In the event someone ran a key down the side of your car while it was parked up, you can claim on your insurance, or if the car was stolen and destroyed, the insurer would pay the agreed sum of money according to the terms & conditions of the policy.
  • Class 2 Insurance – This is a very popular choice, as it offers excellent value for money and covers almost as much as class 1 insurance. Gone are the days when the customer must go to the broker’s office, you simply search online for a cheap insurance company and you can arrange everything online and be covered from that time.
  • 3rd Party Fire & Theft – As the name suggests, this policy covers damage to third party vehicles, plus your car is covered for fire and theft. If your car is old and of little value, this would be the best form of insurance to take out. Click here for tips on removing scratches from your car.

Online Solutions

When looking for instant cover on any vehicle, it is always best to deal with the online insurance company, as they offer the best deals, plus you are covered from the moment the agreement is activated.

No Claims Bonus

If you have a history of car insurance and have never made a claim, this can result in big discounts in the premiums, as you have demonstrated yourself to be a good driver, and as insurance is all about risk, it is cheaper to insure a person with a no-claim history. There are times when it is in your favour to not claim for a small dent, as the no claims bonus will no longer apply as soon as you make a claim.

What to Do in the Event of an Accident

The first thing to do is make sure everyone is safe and away from the crash scene, then you should call the emergency number on your car insurance windscreen sticker and wait for a representative to arrive. The insurance rep will take photos of the accident scene and will liaise with the insurers of the other vehicles that are involved in the accident.

The easiest and cheapest way to insure your car is through the online car insurance broker and once everything is settled, you are covered to drive.