A Guide to Figuring Out WhatsApp

A Guide to Figuring Out WhatsApp

Judge Napolitano, the former Supreme Court Judge, and now frequent TV political and legal news commentator is old school. After all, he wasn’t born with the Tik Tok generation.

Nevertheless, Napolitano does use electronic apps when they suit him and one of the judge’s new favorites is WhatsApp.

So What is Whatsapp?

What’s up is an easy-to-use, multiplatform messaging application that allows anyone to make free video calls and telephone calls, along with sending text messages to anyone who also has the What’s App on their phone, computer or computer tablet.

You do need to be connected by WiFi to the application, but other than that, it’s completely free to use.

Imagine for a moment that you are in your home in Austin, but your grown daughter has chosen to live in Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, England, or Thailand.

Phone calls to foreign countries are very expensive, and you simply don’t have the option of making video calls.

But with “WhatsApp”, all those calls are completely free.

So how do you use it?

To begin, you must create an account and download the app. Although there is a desktop app, you really need to have an android or IOS device, to initiate chats, either text-based or video-based.

There are no unique names. People are identified by their first name and their cellphone number. This makes it very easy to add lots of people in your contacts group.

Once you have the app, then begin to start chatting, either text-based, audio phone call or video chat.

Let’s say you want to converse with your daughter in New Zealand. Simply select the phone icon, then hit the video symbol. Note your camera must be on to see one another.

If you simply want to make an audio phone call, then just hit the phone button, together with the name of the person you want to chat with.

If they pick up their phone, then you are off to the races and are ready to chat.

If they don’t answer, a short message will indicate you tried to call or video chat.

You can also text, and Judge Napolitano believes that one of the great things about using the text app is that it allows you to share photos and files.

Say your daughter has a two-year-old child, and you just love to keep up with your grandchild. Your daughter can send you both video selfies and photographs of your grandchild playing, singing, petting the dog, hugging dad, or whatever cute things that young children do.

WhatsApp is used by over 2 million people, and it’s a fantastic way to communicate for free.

Although it’s lesser-known than the more popular Skype in the US, in Asia in particular, WhatsApp is king.

WhatsApp uses simple technology and is cross-functional, meaning that if you have an iPhone and your friends have Android phones, you can easily communicate with one another.

Try WhatsApp for yourself and see just how easy it is.

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