8 Tips for Creating Better Ecommerce Video Ads

If you want to get a better ROI from your ads, you should switch to creating more video ads. They generate more sales as something moving attracts more attention. They also generate more sales as you can include more information in a video than in just plain text or images. 

But you won’t instantly generate better results, just because you create video ads. You need to create the right videos and combine them with other strategies. I am going to show you how to do this below…

Spy on your competitors:

Research is the most important part of advertising. If you can spy on your competitors and figure out what types of ads they are using and which ones are generating the best results, you will save a lot of time. So, start the ad creation process by spying on your competitors. You can either do this manually by visiting their website and then seeing what types of ads they retarget you with or by using an ad spying tool. 

The former is time-consuming while the latter costs more as ad spying tools are expensive. 

Warm-up with video  content:

If you only try to reach your audience with cold ads, your conversion rate will suffer. For high conversion rates, you should warm up your audience before you reach them with cold ads. For this make sure you create some video content. Several social platforms, let you create a custom audience consisting of video viewers. So you should be able to easily retarget the people who viewed your video content with video ads. 

Create short video ads:

The video you use for the above warm up content can be longer. But the videos you create for the ads should be shorter. As people will take the time out to watch non-promotional content that educates and entertains them. They won’t do the same with ads as you are promoting products. 

For best results limit your video ad to less than 30 seconds. Some networks like Facebook and Instagram actually recommend you to create videos that are less than 6 seconds for ads. 

So, edit the videos to as short as possible. Don’t try to beef them up with unnecessary content. 

Create thumbnails:

You should also create thumbnails for your ads as some people will have autoplay turned off and they will see a thumbnail instead of the video playing automatically. So invest in a good background removing tool and a photo editor to create attractive thumbnails. 

An even better option would be to hire a graphic designer. There are several designers out there who specialize in creating images and thumbnails for ads. 

Pay attention to other aspects:

Video ads aren’t just about the video. Sure, they are the most important bit. But there are other aspects such as the description that play an important role too. You should pay attention to them too while creating the ad. You can either write something fresh or pull some information from your product description on the landing page. 

Create several versions and test a lot:

Creating the best ad in your first attempt rarely happens. Top media buyers test everything. They create several versions of videos, thumbnails, and descriptions and keep varying the content and testing them out to see which one drives the best results. 

They then pick the winners and scale the budget. They even constantly split test the winner to find the best version of it. 

Establish a connection between ads and landing page:

Successful ads share a visual connection with the landing page. When there is a similarity it results in a strong conversion scent which improves results. You can either do this by using the same design style in the video as on the rest of the landing page or by adding a version of the ad video to the landing page. 

Combine with other methods:

The above methods alone will get you great results. But if you want to take it to the next level you should combine it with other marketing methods such as SEO, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing. These methods will drive some traffic and sales. But only a small percentage of visits will convert. You can retarget people who don’t convert and get even more sales. 


These are the 8 best tips for creating better ecommerce video ads. Use them if you want to generate more sales.