6 Yoga Mobile Apps To Help You Through The Covid-19 Crisis

With the Coronavirus keeping many of us at home, everyone is looking for ways they can continue their yoga practice while still getting some guidance and support.  At the same time, healthcare practitioners and yoga instructors are looking for ways to stay connected to their clients. One way people are doing so is by turning to mobile apps. According to yoga instructor Kirsty Davis of Yoga Training Guide, while practicing yoga in a studio is much more beneficial because you get in-person guidance, a mobile app can still provide some benefit. Here are six worth checking out:

1. Yoga.com

Do you want 26 minutes of breathing Prithvi Prânayama? 14-minute wellness greeting? To try Yoga Bala for beginners for the back and abs or Yoga Bhakti for flexibility or for strong legs? With this application available on iTunes and Google Play , you can learn more than 300 postures and breaths, test nearly 45 predefined programs and create your own. In the top !

2. Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga is an amazing daily fitness and stretching app for Android and iOS users that teaches you shape and poses. The producer of this app is also known as a personal yoga instructor who has listed over 30 different and unique poses. This app allows you to create customized routines from a variety of poses which is a great feature. It has many setting and functionalities for women and men.

3. Fitstar Yoga

Only available on iTunes , this application presents itself as a real pocket trainer, where the sportswoman Tara Stiles offers personalized training according to your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert). You can also choose the duration and intensity desired for each session (the ideal being to do 3 to 5 sessions per week, according to Tara). Perfect for those who want / need to be boosted!

4. Yoga Studio

Available on both iOS and Android, the Yoga Studio app is a great tool for beginners looking to learn yoga and meditation. He has listed more than 80 yoga and meditation classes with HD videos. You can easily watch yoga videos on your smartphone and start yoga and meditation. One great feature about this app is that you can create your own custom classes and then share it with others who may want to give it a try.

5. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is one of the best popular yoga apps for Android and iOS users which makes it easy for you to learn yoga for free. He has listed over 500 asanas, 200 yoga class guides, 50 training plans, and others. What’s great about this app is that you are allowed to select a category based upon your experience and interest level for free. There is a full set of beginner videos to master so you can easily learn yoga from the start. You can easily learn basic yoga in less than two weeks.Available for Andoid and iOS , this application offers 50 yoga sessions and programs (for the back, chest, weight loss, tone, relax, during menstruation (!),…), Around 400 poses in HD videos , all on 18 different music. We can then share our scores and impressions with the Daily Yoga community. 

6. Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is an app that has inspired you for yoga and fitness. You can easily inspire yourself to train and stay healthy through a fun fitness process. It will be your personal fitness trainer who will increase your increase on a daily basis. It also has the option to  set the reminder  for your training time so that you never miss your training. One of the best features of this yoga app is to help you reach your personal fitness goals and motivate you as you need a perfect workout.