5 Ways to Maintain Uptime Rates While Working Remotely

woman working at home on laptop

In recent times many businesses have had to adapt quickly to a digital environment they perhaps weren’t fully prepared for. Luckily, the digital tools and software did exist to facilitate this change in circumstances. But now businesses that have made the shift are starting to consider the longer term implications of working remotely. Uptime rates are a high priority. 


The security of your files and data is a high priority, particularly now when cybercriminals are looking for opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities in your network. A breach in security could result in your business losing sensitive data, and requiring a costly cleanup operation. All of which will damage the reputation of your business. 

Uptimes rates can also be severely affected by an unexpected security breach. Your network may need to go offline to be investigated or recovered. To avoid this nightmare scenario, 24/7 security monitoring is recommended along with some best practice advice to deter hackers, such as always encrypting your files. 

Cloud Solutions 

The digital workplace is becoming ever more commonplace, as is the need to integrate employees working remotely. Your company employees need shared access to data, projects files, and personnel in order to maintain business uptime requirements and stay profitable. While the technology exists for this very reason, there are potential hazards to consider. 

Cloud Solutions is the best digital workplace tool to help connect staff, and keep projects running for a modest premium. Cloud-based apps, such as Office 365, lets users to access calendars, team chats, and HD videos. Security, however, is a high priority. The trade off for greater access is greater vulnerability, and cyber criminals will be waiting to take advantage. 

Internet Connections

When you’re running a serious operation you need the infrastructure to be supportive and reliable. It’s not much use if basic systems fail at crucial moments, like when attempting to finalize a deal over video conferencing. One of the most crucial components of your tech infrastructure is your internet connection, as it effectively facilitates uptime productivity. 

Since most employees are now working remotely from various locations it is more important than ever before that your internet connection is reliable, and secure. Employees need reliable and fast access to your systems and databases. With a more open network, hackers have more opportunities to access your business’ weak spots. 

Managed IT Services 

Working with a managed service provider (MSP) has a range of advantages that can make your business more secure, reliable, productive, and improve uptime rates considerably. An MSP will modernize your technology infrastructure by moving it onto a secure cloud-based platform with 24/7 access for company employees.

If your network system has ever crashed you will know the frustrations and losses involved in getting it back online. Perhaps you brought in some IT experts, but with everything now operating on the cloud, the needs of your network system have changed. Partnering with an MSP not only guarantees better security and access for the digital workplace, it offers a wider pool of experts to mobilize when required.