5 Ways Enterprise Level Companies Can Benefit From Using SaaS

Companies of every size, especially enterprise-level companies, are embracing the Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) business model. Years ago, companies had no choice but to build and maintain a separate IT structure on their premises. Business owners also usually had to hire more IT staff to maintain the equipment. Now SaaS users can Gain access to their SaaS provider’s software on any device with an internet connection. Are you curious about how SaaS can benefit your company? Below are several reasons why technology and computer geeks at enterprise-level companies should consider using vendors with a SaaS model.

1. SaaS Saves You Time

Time is extremely valuable, especially when you are running a multi-million dollar enterprise company. According to a recent Forbes article, companies prefer SaaS because it increases their efficiency. SaaS is designed to save users time since you can access everything in one application. You also won’t have to worry about installing new upgrades or patching security holes. The SaaS provider will maintain their software for you so you can continue to focus on your core business.

2. SaaS Models Can Scale Along With Your Company

Another major benefit of using a SaaS vendor is their technology can usually scale along with your company. SaaS is inherently flexible, so many vendors will tailor their solutions according to your business needs. For example, if you forecast that your business will grow and you’ll have to hire additional staff, the vendor can provide additional administration access to their software and other perks. Companies like Ivanti, which provide analytics, IT security, supply chain management and other services to enterprises, can easily scale with their customers.

3. SaaS is Affordable

Many SaaS providers want to provide the best value to their customers. They know that as a subscription service they have continue to offer amazing products or services or they will lose subscribers. SaaS is an affordable solution that saves businesses the time, money and frustration of building their own IT infrastructure. Since you only pay a monthly or yearly fee, you can pass the cost-savings to your customers.

Voicebase is the perfect example of a vendor that gives companies the power to lower their costs and increase efficiency. They provide voice recognition technology that also has an incredible level of intelligence behind it. They’ve recently partnered with Amazon to help power their tech.

4. SaaS Can Integrate Seamlessly With Other Systems

SaaS applications can also integrate or work together with other systems, IBM recently revealed. Since they are compatible with many programs, you can enjoy a large variety of features. SaaS vendors can also customize their software to meet your specific needs. Thanks to APIs, you can connect SaaS to other systems that can give your business a competitive edge.

5. SaaS is Easy to Use and Requires Little Effort to Maintain

Finally, SaaS programs are generally very easy to use. You can access it from any location as long as you have a computer or device with an internet connection. Many users can figure out where they need to go if the program is intuitive and has excellent user design or UX. Some vendors do provide additional training or tutorials.

Since your SaaS provider will take care of every update and upgrade, there is very little effort on your part required to maintain a the software. They will fix the security patches and resolve technical issues as you add users or need additional bandwidth.