5 time-saving ways to build highly effective PR

Getting PR for your business is a daunting task, and without knowing how to do it right, you are lost. Good PR offers value to an enterprise in several ways. It encourages fund-raising, retaining the right people, hiring adequately, driving volume in sales, and much more. With an increase in competition year after year, several media options are inundated, and a compelling story on social channels adds more PR value.  

We go over a list of ways to get PR that is effective for any business enterprise. Build an enhancive image in the media for your business. Moreover, the tips shared are absolutely free, so you don’t have to invest anything in them, just a bit of your precious time.  

● Build relationships using Social Media 

Reach journalists who write stories on your niche, and no other place is better than social media. Every profile you search for is updated and provides details about the specialty of the person and personal interests. It helps in building authentic relationships and gain organic visibility. Relationships are influential, and you get free PR for your brand. You should hit social media to get exceptionally beneficial PR. Writers are always looking to write something, so try giving them your story this time to tap their audience on social media.  

● Try sending video pitches 

Journalists are a lot saturated by the video pitches. However, some are good, but others are not. Even the best pitches need to be worked on to make it stand out. Hence, a video pitch is effective in snagging a writer’s attention. A pitch is more personal and interactive when recorded and works better than written pitches. Moreover, video pitches are believed to get 50% more engagements than the ordinary ones. There are several video pitch builders available online that entrepreneurs can use and have better attempts in pitching audiences.  

● Send relevant article pitches 

It is crucial to stay relevant to let writers pick your story. Journalists are indeed looking for newsworthy content, but this doesn’t mean that they will also use stories that are not relevant to them. Pitches sent to the journalists should resonate with the interests of their audience. You should then find the best influencers who can promote your story. You can take help from some applications that determine distinct sites you can reach out to gain visibility. Hence, tailoring pitches, according to the preference of a writer, helps in getting a positive response.  

● Engage in newsjacking 

Gain publicity with the help of a powerful strategy which is newsjacking. Newsjacking is a remarkably easy technique. In this strategy, businesses use current popular stories to enhance attention for their brand. Simply put, PR momentum from other popular news stories are used to enhance the visibility of one’s brand. Pitch journalists of a relevant niche to boost your publicity based on some hot-story notifications. It means doing what it takes to get great PR.  

● Collect appropriate mails 

While you are making PR connections on social media, make it a point to send proper emails to journalists whom you think can write about your niche. It is significant to get the required exposure. Prepare a pitch that has the capability of establishing a personal connection and is aptly formatted. Send the pitch to an email address that is working. Find accurate emails of the journalists and don’t use the ones that are already outdated. You can look for their email address on Linkedin since professionals keep their Linkedin profile up-to-date.  

Gaining exposure for your brand is not an easy task. Exposure on social media and other similar media platforms is significant and helps a company gain success. Save much time by using some free tools for several tasks and work towards forming a meaningful connection with influencers and journalists.  


Sharing your story is crucial for the success of your business. Good PR is beneficial and serves varied purposes in an organization. However, it is difficult to pitch journalists and have them publish your story. Moreover, it is crucial that you create a highly visible brand by gaining value. Stay informed at all times with the latest news and updates of the industry so that you can get the maximum benefits.  

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