5 Crucial Ways Managed Data Backups Protect You

Consumer data is incredibly valuable to both businesses and cybercriminals. Both its uses and potential for damage are nearly unlimited. That’s why every business needs to protect itself by backing up and safeguarding its data.

By using continual data backups, you can ensure that your business can continue running despite technical malfunctions, hardware failures, or even cyber attacks.

1. Protecting Against Data Loss

There are many ways to go about securing your data. One of the most common and effective solutions is to utilize a cloud-based storage system. A cloud-based system is accessible to authenticated users from any location, it has virtually limitless storage capabilities, it can be encrypted for optimum security, and it can create automatic updates to keep your backups as up to date as possible.

When you have current, secure backups in place, your business is protected against the type of catastrophe that can erase your essential data, like when a large portion of Toy Story 2 was accidentally deleted during the movie’s creation. (It was only salvaged because an employee working from home had a recent version saved on a personal home server!)

Human error, natural disasters, and cyber theft can all be causes of extremely detrimental data loss, but cloud backups can keep your business running despite these risks.

2. An Organized Safeguard for Audits

When it comes to compliance and tax reporting, auditors require detailed information about your business’s activity and financials.

Data backups can provide an organized record of your business and files you wouldn’t normally keep on hand, making the reporting process easier and providing a simple means of proving your compliance.

Organized backups can make it easier to show the government, stockholders, and other entities that you are working within the law and giving your customers and employees the respect and privacy they deserve. 

3. Gaining Consumer Trust

Would you be impressed with a business that lost your personal data? Would you work with a company that had lost not only your data, but other clients’ data as well? We all know the glaringly obvious answer is no way! 

That’s why managed data backups save you from incredibly damaging events that will destroy client relationships as well as mire your public image forever. Show your customers that their data is in capable hands by protecting it with regular backups.

4. Rapid Disaster Recovery Response Time

Disaster recovery is a necessary consideration for any modern business. Although the best thing you can do for your company is put proactive protections in place to prevent disasters from happening in the first place, it’s impossible to stop every type of catastrophe, such as natural disasters or simple human error.

With managed data backups, when those mishaps do happen, you can rapidly get operations back to normal instead of floundering through expensive downtime while attempting to retrieve lost data.

5. Peace of Mind and Increased Efficiency

When you have secure managed backups in place, you gain peace of mind knowing that your business will be able to weather whatever catastrophes come your way. You can achieve greater efficiency by having an organized system that allows you to access past documents quickly when necessary. And when you work with a managed IT services provider, you can gain all these business benefits without having to figure out the complexities of the cloud yourself.

It’s a significant task to protect your data in this modern world of cyber crime. But with managed data backups, you can rest assured that you’re one crucial step closer to security.