5 Best Software Options For Finding Customers

Lack of trust, lack of desire, lack of hurry, lack of money and lack of need are the five hurdles that stand in the way of a sale–according to Zig Zigler. But what if you have none of these problems? What if consumers trust you, desire your product, are in a hurry to get their hands on it, have the money to pay for it and understand that they need it? There’s really only one hurdle left: identifying those consumers. Unfortunately, this can be an enormous hurdle that sales teams fail to overcome. But it doesn’t have to be. All you need to find the customers you are looking for is the right tools and technology. The following is a list of five of the best tools you can use to analyze websites and identify potential customers

1. Ghostery

Whether it’s their free browser extension or their marketing cloud management, companies and individuals trust Ghostery. That is exactly why companies like Toys ‘R Us, Target and The Home Depot rely on their technology year after year. The browser extension has four main benefits that will allow your sales team to easily find what and who they are looking for:

  • Controlled data: Not to bash trackers, but sometimes they get in the way. They give out information that you want to keep private. This extension eliminates the problem all together.
  • Additional tools: Arguably the coolest thing about this extension is the amount of tools that you have at your disposal. Maybe you don’t want to get rid of all the trackers. Some can be useful. Ghostery helps you understand what different types of trackers do so you can decide which ones you want to enable and which ones you want to disable.

Oh, and the best part is that it’s free.

2. Unomy

Unomy was only founded in 2012 but they are already able to provide users with data about millions of companies. Proof of their success can be seen through the awards that they’ve received, like G2Crowd’s Highest Rated Sales Intelligence Solution and Supreme Software Award by FinancesOnline. And the software moves with you wherever you are. So whether you’re in corporate housing in Chicago or in an office building in China, you can find the prospects you’re looking for.

Basically, their software helps businesses to find new customers and, in turn, market more effectively and close more sales. More specifically, the sales intelligence platform that Unomy has created helps you do the following:

  • Build lists: All you have to do is input business prospects and Unomy will retrieve the relevant information for you on each company. You can also just import a bulk list of URLs and Unomy will deliver the information you want and need. Or, if you are trying to figure out how to prioritize your leads, import your client emails and Unomy will file and sort them so you know who you need to contact first.
  • Get richer leads: Unomy will help your sales team by enriching its list of leads. This means you can save money on new data acquisition, your conversion rates for new opportunities will be much higher, and your recovery rate for the abandoned opportunities will also be faster and higher.

There is no set price for Unomy because they work with you to customize the platform to meet your sales needs. But their demo is free to try and they then provide you with a quote.

3. InsideView

InsideView is one of the most experienced marketing and sales intelligence solutions providers. They introduced their platform to the world in 2005 and they were the pioneers of the field. Because of more than a decade of experience and excellence, they earned the ZDNet CRM WatchList award.

With a goal of providing good information about people and companies, they aim to power the world’s business conversations and help link businesses in mutually beneficial ways. While they have several different sales solutions, depending on the needs of your sales team, the benefits you will receive include:

  • Refresh your data: One of the unique features of InsideView is that their platform will clean your CRM data. Customer and prospect data changes 70% every year. Unfortunately these systems and data are complex and are time-consuming to comb through. InsideView does it for you so you don’t waste your time cleaning or chasing pointless leads.
  • Enrich your data: InsideView gives you a fuller and better picture of your prospects. Gone are the days of using thin customer records to run sales programs. This platform finds and integrates detailed information into your records so you know everything you need to about the companies you approach and their decision-makers.

InsideView has many different packages available and demos so that you can find what works best for you. Prices are available on a quote basis.

4. KiteDesk

KiteDesk is specifically directed at B2B sales teams. Their goal is to help these teams get the best leads through the latest technology. Their KiteDesk FIND program allows users to throw out old leads lists that aren’t going anywhere. The program then surfs the internet with users. It gathers social information, email and phone numbers of the right potential customers:

  • Designed customers: The software allows you to design the customers that are best for the product or service you’re selling. The attributes you can choose from include everything from region and company size to revenue and keywords. So whether you’re looking to sell services to a pressure management provider or an educational institution, the software assists you in finding them.
  • List builder: KiteDesk’s list builder allows you to save as many profiles as you want. You can then filter the list and send it to your CSV or CRM.
  • Prospect assigning: This aspect of the software sorts the list of leads and then routes them to the appropriate sales person. This ensures that every prospect will talk to a sales specialist who will best connect with them.

Pricing for this product is by request, but you can request a demo or try the software out through a free trial.

5. Artesian

Artesian was founded in 2007 with the goal of helping businesses find customers more efficiently. They have an impressive list of customers, including American Express, Deloitte, Verizon and Siemens. But while they work with giants in various industries, their software can be scaled up or down to fit any size business:

  • Fast information delivery: The software eliminates time spent on research by giving you the records you need. This doesn’t just mean the basic contact information, but also relevant insights to help you personalize your first contact with them. It’s important to have this personalization from both ends. Your brand needs to be personal, investing in items like bar code tracking for your machinery or assets. But you also need to personally know your customers.
  • Training and management dashboards: The product helps you to continuously improve your methods of engagement. You can quickly see the type of leads that aren’t going anywhere and the ones that are, as well as the contact methods that work best.

A quote request is necessary for the enterprise version of the software, but for SME it on costs $99 per month.

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