5 Advantages of Air Tools.

The power of compressed air has been known since early man first blew into a reed to revive the coals of a fire. But the technology did not come of age until adequate ways of storing it were invented. Compressed air has given us the ability to discover the bottom of the sea, and even walk in space. But the main advantages have come in the development of air tools. Almost any kind of mechanical action can be accomplished by air with the right engineering. In this way air tools have been developed for almost every industry. And they are prized for several advantages.

  1. Operating Costs: The beauty of compressed air is that it can be stored so easily. Compressed air Storage solutions can be found at Focus Air Group. And once stored it is ready to be used, instantly and at full power. No electricity is wasted. Compressed air is a very efficient method of storing energy, and this translates to lower operating costs. The more air storage you have available, the better the savings.
  1. Compact Design: Part of the beauty of air tools is the fact that they can be made very small. There is no need for a motor, so in most cases the mechanical apparatus that converts air pressure to motion is very compact. For this reason, the innovative designs of air tools focus more on usability rather than enclosing a bulky motor. Air tools are often elegantly crafted to fit the hand and the motion of the work required. One only needs to consider the distinction between an airbrush, and an electric paint sprayer to see the difference.
  1. Durability: because of the simplicity of the mechanics involved in air tools. Quite often just an interchange between a piston and a rotating element is needed. Air tools can be made to last for a very long time. With no electrical parts to overheat or burn out from too much torque, air tools just keep functioning. Get them wet, bang them around in the back of your truck. You have no worries. 
  1. Versatility: Elegance of use. When you sit in a dentist’s chair, do you ever notice the elegant rack of tools right beside the chair. There are usually five or six devices, there all lined up so small and elegant. They can look like that because they are air tools. Your dentist can simply attach an airline to whichever one he wants. If they were electric, they would be larger, and there would be all these cords to keep straight. Your workbench can be like that too. A row of air tools, with one airline you can just swap from unit to unit.
  1. Safety: One reason air tools are standard in many industries is safety. Air tools do not present any risk of electrical shock, and they do not create sparks, so they can be used in areas with explosive gasses. They can be used underwater safely as well.

One intangible advantage about air tools, is that they just feel better. It is hard to explain, but they have this natural vibe about them, so clean and polite. Whereas electrical tools always seem harsh and abrasive.