Mobile devices have opened doors to many changes in technology. They’ve opened our hearts and minds to new frontiers and changed the way we communicate. With our mobile devices we can talk; talking is the most important form of communication within each device. Mobile devices allows us to save/secure very important data; BlackBerry’s have secure password keepers. They have the ability to browse the world wide web and obtain various information through downloading and live data streams. We can send short messages through sms or text messaging. Sending instant messages and e-mail has become quite easy throughout the years and it will only get better as we move forward.I am a hardcore BlackBerry user and have been for quite some time now. I’ve owned an 8700, a Curve 8900, a Bold 9700 and I’m using a BlackBerry Torch 9800 & PlayBook. As you can see there is much history here. I fell in love with the 8700 and didn’t have the chance to stick with it for long. T-Mobile and the 8900 allowed me to become the power user and BlackBerry addict you know today.

The point of this editorial is to strictly speak facts about the BlackBerry and where we might be headed. I’ll also give my opinion on upcoming devices and what I think we should see with later devices.

First off, The Bold 9900 is king BlackBerry that we have all been waiting for. If you’re new to BlackBerry then all of this hype about the new Bold isn’t doing much for you. The original Bold 9000 was loved for it’s large screen, hi-res display and large spacious keyboard. The succeeding Bolds(9630, 9650, 9700, 9780) were much smaller but did pack a better processor, more RAM and higher resolution screens. This Bold sports a higher res screen than any of it’s predecessors, a better look overall, and much more under the hood. Have you ever felt like you wanted to touch your Berry while shooting that text message? You can do that now without having to slide a screen or anything. This new Bold will be a power house among contenders and will manage the day to day BlackBerry functions we’ve all come to know and love.

There are more devices that will gain entrance into today’s market but they’ll be covered later. The importance is what the new devices will be packing and what we’ll see after they get released.
Bold 9900:
768 MB RAM
1.2 GHZ Processor
1330 mAh battery
2.8 in Screen with 640 x 480 resolution
Full qwerty keyboard w/ touch screen
BlackBerry 7 Ready

This looks good and the other devices being released will have similar specs. Hit their links for the specs exactly. Curve Apollo, Full Touch, Torch 2.

blackberry latest All the latest BlackBerry models in one picture

While all of these Berries are packing brand new hardware with optimized software, the future of the BlackBerry platform will be decided in 2012. We’ll need to see premium hardware and even better software on upcoming devices. The QNX-BlackBerry OS merger needs to happen. We need to see devices with better screen res, hardware and memory management. I won’t go too deep with nerdy aspects of everything but I will list my idea of the perfect Berry. This is a fantasy device so I will conclude this editorial. I just want you to get an idea of what I’d appreciate compared to what’s coming.

Bold Tk
800 x 480 resolution
3.0 in screen
Full qwerty
7 mp rear facing cam w/ flash
3 mp front facing cam
1750 mAh battery
Bluetooth 3.0

Anything you’d like to add?