BblackBerry 10 Video


One AMAZING video has been sent to BlackBerry Empire by Curtis Priest  Pixelcarve Inc. who brought us amazing concept pictures of  upcoming BlackBerry 10 phones, such as the BlackBerry Blade.

The video below is a concept video, that has not been proposed to BlackBerry, but is a labour of love by:

  • Curtis Priest – Editing and CEO/President and Partner of Pixelcarve Inc.
  • Ryan Priest – Creative Director and Editing
  • Richard Roseman -Custom animation of Z10 BlackBerry
  • Greg Eschmeyer – Narrator/Voiceover

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When we invented the smartphone in 1999 we didn’t quite appreciate what we’d started. Liberating people from their desks was a defining moment in technology that proved to be the kind of leap that would inspire a generation.

Over the years we remained focused on creating the tools used by the people who make and build our world. Even while others created gadgets for beautiful walled gardens of games and media, or open infrastructures with unlimited possibilities… and risks; we stayed true to our values of security, productivity and best in class communications.

But there comes a time when every company has to evolve – to become re-inspired by that which first made them great, and create a vision for the next leap.

We have been quietly pouring our heart and soul into the foundation of this next evolution and have invested in world-class innovators to help us realize it. From QNX, the operating system so stable, secure and fast that it’s relied upon by the likes of NASA to ensure the safety of human life in mission critical systems, to The Astonishing Tribe, who design the most beautiful and functional interfaces the world has ever seen. Years of investment, innovation, hard work and the intense pursuit of our passion is finally about to bear its fruit…

…an all new flawless mobile experience — solid; secure; beautiful. Best in class communications, backed by thousands of the apps and games you love, and a lightning fast Web browser capable of viewing every website in the world with no compromises or limits…

BlackBerry 10 has arrived.

BlackBerry Blade

Produced by Pixelcarve Inc.
Written by Curtis Priest, President & CEO of Pixelcarve Inc.
Edited by Curtis Priest and Ryan Priest, Creative Director of Pixelcarve
Additional Z10 3D animation sequences by Richard Rosenman.
Voiceover by Greg Eschmeyer.

This mashup incorporates footage downloaded from existing videos from the
official YouTube channels of BlackBerry and QNX. Footage was filmed and
produced by Blackberry and their partner agencies and production companies
including Thornley Fallis for the main Blackberry 10 features videos and QNX
Imagined. Other support agencies produced visual effects such as 567. This
video was not sanctioned by Blackberry or partner agencies.