Verizon First US Carrier to Have BlackBerry 10 Devices

In a September 25th article from Gadget Magazine, Thorston Heins, CEO of Research of Motion announced that Verizon would be the first United States Carrier to offer the new BlackBerry Smartphones running BlackBerry OS 10.

Heins also stated in the interview with Arthur Goldstruck, that Verizon will launch BlackBerry 10 is the first quarter of 2013.

AG: Do you have a launch date yet?

TH: Last week, when we met with Verizon, they publicly stated, so its not a secret, that they will be launching Blackberry 10 in the first quarter of 2013.  I would be very, very optimistic that other US carriers will follow suit.

We have a firm date when we will hit their labs for lab testing. As with every carrier, they have different cycle times for the testing cycle to get ready for first customer shipments. We’re working with the carriers on these launch dates, but it for sure will be in the first quarter 2013.

Source: Gadget Magazine