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In what is probably part of their core restructuring program, BlackBerry was rumoured to shed it’s office space in Waterloo. Today, we have learnt that BlackBerry has sold 5 of it’s buildings to the University of Waterloo.

Not only that, BlackBerry has also thrown in the landing surrounding the buildings and the deal is set to be completed by February 2014. The University will occupy 3 out of 5 buildings whilst BlackBerry will remain the tenant in the remaining two for up to 5 years. More specifically, the buildings sold were “BlackBerry 1”, “BlackBerry 2”, “BlackBerry 3”, “BlackBerry 4” and (wait for it) “BlackBerry 16” (not 5)

The apparent Press Release that was sent to Mobile Syrup even provided a Map.


I believe in doing anything you can in order to help yourself. If selling your property and land means saving money and receiving $41 million, then so be it.

Source: Mobile Syrup