Are you tired of waiting for video buffering to finish? Down Tube for BlackBerry 10 has come to the rescue! With Down Tube installed on your BlackBerry 10 device you will never have to wait for video buffering while playing a video ever again. Once you have preloaded the video locally, you can always watch it at any time without the need of any Internet connection.

Down Tube Features:

– Quick 1 button local preloading

– Instant video viewing with BlackBerry 10 media player integration

– Multi-URL support (desktop, mobile, short URLs supports)

– Save video (* not available for YouTube videos)

Supported Video Websites:

– YouTube*

– Vimeo

Who doesn’t hate that it takes 10 seconds or more for videos on YouTube to start playing all because they need to be buffered first? Sometimes it takes even longer when you are on a cellular connection. Down Tube improves this experience by allowing you to preload and therefore cache the video locally, on your phone first. Within a jiffy you can then watch the video right in the well known BlackBerry 10 Media Player.

Check out the app via BlackBerry World.