There was rumors floating around that T-Mobile would stop selling BlackBerry 10 devices since for some reason they magically disappeared from their website, after a statement from the company that is definitely not the case. T-Mobile will still be selling both BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 devices via direct shipment, just as they have been.

I even thought about switching to AT&T as they are still selling BlackBerry 10 devices, even though T-Mobile is a great carrier I choose to go with the carrier that has the latest BlackBerry 10 devices, first.

Check out T-Mobile’s statement regarding BlackBerry 10 devices:

T-Mobile continues to support the BlackBerry platform. Current T-Mobile customers can buy BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 devices online at through Care and B2B sales channels. New customers can order the smartphones via direct ship at T-Mobile retail channels or through telesales. The T-Mobile retail channel has moved to fulfillment via direct ship for BlackBerry devices, rather than in-store inventory.

There you have it, all you T-Mobile BlackBerry users should not have to worry as there are still several ways to purchase a BlackBerry 10 device through them.

Source: CB