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Sideload this is something we at BlackBerry Empire have started from today. All in all, each week, I will be recommending an App or a Game taken from the Google Play Store to sideload to your BlackBerry 10 device. As you have you probably already guessed it, the first one that I will be recommending is Shazam.

As we all know, Shazam is a popular music recognition app that lets you instantly match any song you hear all within a tap of a button. Not only that, Shazam also lets you watch the video on YouTube or purchase the song from Amazon as an mp3. It also links to your Facebook so you can see which tracks your friends have discovered, along with checking out the artists’ bio and discography.

This is an app that I think is essential for anyone who loves music, whether it’s new music you want to discover or music you just can’t remember the name to. Shazam is currently available only BBOS devices with no word regarding a BB10 app. However, in the meantime, the Android sideload works just perfect and given that the app recently received an update, not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it really is a joy to have on your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone.

This app will require you to use a debug token or the Unlocked Runtime (which requires 10.2)

Unlocked Android Runtime for BlackBerry 10.2

How to sideload Android apps using the debug token

Shazam APK

Shazam BAR (non debug)

p.s. I will be carrying out requests for users who wish to obtain an APK they want in order to convert and sideload to their BB10 device here

5 thoughts on “Sideload This: Shazam for BlackBerry 10

  1. Thank you Billy, I love Shazam over SoundHound as the database of music is huge. I do like the live lyrics on SoundHOund though.

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