Now this is interesting. What appears to be confirmed by Samsung Nigeria on Twitter, BBM will indeed be coming to Samsung devices this Friday,

Not only is it coming to Samsung devices, it seems like Samsung and BlackBerry have inked some sort of deal which gives Samsung BBM all to themselves for 3 months. This does make sense, seeing as Samsung literally dominates with Android and owns a big market share around the World. This could also be just an exclusive deal in Africa. Depending on how well the app is received in general, I don’t really see this being a big issue for anyone not owning a Samsung device running Android since the APK will probably be spread around the web and amongst friends.


Until then, we’ll see what actually happens on Friday…

UPDATE: The folks over at CrackBerry have reached out to BlackBerry for a comment about this and here’s what they had to say.

“The excitement around the upcoming BBM launch on iPhone and Android devices seems to know no bounds. Although I’m a big fan of this passion, I want to clarify that no one will have an exclusive on offering BBM. We’ll be bringing the app to Android and iPhone users across the globe soon.” – BBM Communications Director at BlackBerry, Victoria Berry.

Source: Tech Suplex