While ordering parts and mods for my project car (Mitsu 3000GT) and reading up on BlackBerry news I managed to snag me a mobile car charger to go along with the car.  I could have went any route and ordered a cheap, low quality one off Amazon but coming across the BlackBerry Premium In-Vehicle charger I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. A week later, this charger has been one of the best investments I’ve made and I’ll show you why. Hit the jump below and check out the review.



I was pretty excited when the charger arrived not just because I really wanted it but because of how fast the item arrived being USPS was closed due to a holiday (President’s Day) here in the U.S.  Both photos above is what the box is going to look like with the first photo being the front of the box and the second showing the back. On the upper right hand corner it notifies you know that this charger will work on both your BlackBerry smartphone (All models with Micro USB) and your PlayBook tablet. Good luck finding a mobile car  that will have what it takes to charge your PlayBook which was a big factor in my decision in purchasing the Premium In-Vehicle Charger.

Front and back the box points out the this charger is premium and compact. Upon opening the package I was quite surprised at how compact it was. It minimizes bulk and leaves your dash with a clean look. While unwrapping the plastic off the charger I could immediately feel the quality in the product and felt at ease knowing this was headed to be a great investment.


Emptying the box and plastic bag you get the charger along with important safety info pamphlet. As you can see the connector sports the BlackBerry logo, letting you know that it goes plugged into your device – logo side up to avoid connecting it wrong, negating any possibility of breaking the charger and or your device charging port – Not a fun thing to fix, been there done that. Below are some specs and dimensions




Anyway, now for the fun stuff!


What you see here is the brain to the charger which will be plugged into your vehicles standard cigarette lighter or DC12V port. Excuse the Z10 camera for picking up dirt and particles (Yes I’ll be at t he carwash this weekend) but this is what you get. A charger which charges your Smartphone/Tablet and lets you charge your other Smartphone/Tablet. Yuup, this premium charger features an extra USB port which lets you plug in another USB cable and charge yours or your passenger’s device. If you’re still rocking a Berry with the Mini USB – Hope not, simply plug in your Mini USB mobile charger into the USB slot and juice up that old Curve 83xx or 88xx.

Time to plug in and power up!


The charger appears to not feature an LED indicator as most BlackBerry products do but upon plugging it in a nice hyper white LED appears letting you know that current is running and ready to provide instant juice to your Berry. The extra charging slot is below the light allows you to plug in your extra USB cable with no trouble.



If you’re wondering if  you can charge both your PlayBook and smartphone together, yes you can.

Both the OEM Folding PlayBook charger for the tablet and the Premium In-Vehicle Charger feature a 1.8 Amp output current shooting out a rapid charge to your device. Again, simply plug in an extra USB cable (not provided) and you’re good to go. With SXSW coming up, I wont even need to hit up random charging stations, more time to party!!!

Well there you have it. At $14.26 shipped its all yours. Head to Amazon to get it HERE!