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Friday started out well when a small package was dropped off in my mailbox.  Inside, the padded envelope contained a small BlackBerry branded box, was the BlackBerry LS-1 Battery Charging Bundle.

You can see from the picture next to the Z10 how small the box is.  When you open it inside you find two smaller packages, one is the extra battery and the other a small plastic case with a clear plastic cover door, and a one sheet manual.

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The one sheet is simple and tells you all you need to know.  The system is simple and very flexible.  You aren’t limited to one recharging option, but two.

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It is suggested to top off the included battery first, and I used the same charger that came with my Z10, though you can use power from a USB port as well.  Your cable plugs into the single input port on the bottom, near the tiny LED light.  Flip open the clear cover and the thin 1800mA battery slips in.  The tiny LED that is integrated with the button starts to blink.

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There are 3 colors.  Red that indicates below 25%, yellow for between 25-75% and green for up to 100%.  When you get a green solid, the battery is charged.

Integrated in the charger is a micro usb connector.  This plugs into your BlackBerry Z10.  This gives you the flexibility to charge your Z10 right from the battery that is inserted into the charger.  If you have a case on your smartphone, this might make it easier to top off the battery without taking the case off.  Personally, I am a fan of the natural looks of the Z10 so I have only snapped on the bare essentials and use the black transform case.  I would opt to snap the battery out and the fully charged one in.  It is too easy to do and this way I am not leaving things hooked up in my pocket.

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The pictures in the one sheet manual show the charger using its battery to recharge a Z10 and also show a charge cable close by.  I have seen other reviews showing everything plugged in at once, effectively charging both the extra battery the Z10.  The batteries will balance themselves as they are wired in parallel when hooked up this way, but it will take longer to get them both to full versus just charging up one.

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Because the charger is so thin and well made, it serves to protect the battery inside of it.  As in all things BlackBerry, there is no issue with construction and material feel.  The door hinge is smooth, and the materials are solid and have a nice weight to them.

The door works well to protect the battery when you have this in your pocket and might have keys or change that may short by accident if you leave just the battery on its own.  When using it as a charger, then I recommend that you flip the door open as the battery will generate heat when operational.

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For a list price of $49.95 you get a name brand battery that is the match for your Z10, and a simple but effective charger to keep you going on busy days.  It slips easily into a pocket and the extra battery is protected by the charger itself.

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A great deal and worthwhile investment for those that worry about the smaller battery getting them through the day.

You may purchase via eBay here.

Review By Alan Castell