Qualcom Q10 smartwatchSmartwatches seem to be “the thing” in 2014 as they have become very popular in the recent weeks, a lot of us BlackBerry users who want to try a Smartwatch want one that is compatible with BlackBerry 10. As of right now there is no native app that could pair a BlackBerry 10 device and a Smartwatch, fully.

There is however, BBQ, an app developed by a BlackBerry developer who has brought and paired Qualcomm Toq smartwatch to a BlackBerry 10 device. While it is still in its early stages of development it is promising to see such an app being worked on.

See video of the pairing in action below:

I personally like the Pebble Smartwatches but haven’t done enough research to see how well or if they even pair at all with BlackBerry 10 devices.

What do you all think? If you all know of any Android working smartwatch apps compatible with BlackBerry 10 let us know in the comments below.