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If you’ve been following our posts or reading other news from the web, you’re probably already aware that accessories for the BlackBerry Z10 model have already been making their way onto retail stores.  Don’t look now but popular case manufacturer Case Mate has already announced (and made available) cases for the Z10.

Check out their new BlackBerry Z10 Collection below (now featured/available on their website):

case mate z10

As indicated, they’re offering 2 wood design cases that cost USD80 each, a gunmetal design and black design that cost USD50 each.

If you’re planning on ordering them ahead on Case Mate’s online store in time for your Z10, do make sure you select the correct device.  The default device listed (maybe unintentional) is the i-blah.  Select the drop down arrow to display the device options, then select BlackBerry Z10!  See below.

case mate z10 - ordering online - select device

Just a friendly tip, to make sure you get the right case for your Z10!!

To check out the new Z10 Case Mate cases, head on to Case Mate website and online store.