Multi Alarms Pro – Free for BlackBerry

Every morning, at least during the week, my day starts early usually with me having to force myself to wake up at 7 am. Pretty early isn’t it? What I have been doing to set multiple alarms is set the native alarm on my BlackBerry to go off at around 6:45 am and I have the native alarm set on my BlackBerry PlayBook to go off 10 minutes later. Well this workaround can be completely made easier with Multi Alarms Pro, Free for all BlackBerry users. Continue reading for features.

***********Please Give the App adequate permissions before you set up the alarms.****************

Feature List:

* NO restriction on number of Alarms/reminders created
* Set reminder at a certain date and define recurrences
* Easily snooze or dismiss an alarm
* In built reminder sounds
* Easy Enable/Disable from Space key
* Test Alarm functions before you set up the alarm!
* Browse SD card to set songs as tone.

Download Multi Alarms Pro