Last week I was lucky enough to get a free copy of the At Bat 13 through a promotion that I had seen on Twitter and honestly I have gotten a lot of use from it. Well here’s some great news for any of  you that didn’t see the tweet last week. Earlier tonight while I was on Twitter I noticed that MLB is offering 10,000 copies of the app for FREE again. So any of you MLB fans that missed it last time here’s a second chance to check out a great app.

Here’s how to grab a free copy for yourself:

  • Go to BlackBerry World from your device
  • Swipe down from the top
  • Click the redeem tab
  • Enter the code: mlbdouble

Nice and easy right? Just be sure to jump on this promotion fast as there’s a limited amount of free downloads and I’m sure they will go fast. In fact to make things even easier, here’s the link to the app in BlackBerry World for any of you that are interested.