Check this out!!  The BlackBerry 10 phones are called Q10 and Z10!  Continue reading for more.

We just got word from the BlackBerry 10 NY Launch and it’s confirmed that both new phones are called Q10 and Z10.

The Q10 model is the aptly named as it’s the QWERTY keyboard model of BlackBerry 10.  Those loyal to the BlackBerry keyboard will surely want to go for this model. Check out the video of the Q10 below.

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On the other hand, it’s confirmed that the all-touch BlackBerry 10 device (the one that has been making waves over the internet) is indeed called the Z10.  Check out the video of the Z10 below.

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Unfortunately, prices of either phones have not yet been announced.  We will definitely keep you posted as soon as we get word on pricing of both the Q10 and the Z10!

Keep checking back with BlackBerry Empire for our coverage on the BlackBerry 10 Launch!