With the Microsoft Surface releasing October 26th, the iPad Mini hitting store shelves November 2nd, and the Kindle Fire HD releasing  November 20th, the tablet world is becoming a bottle neck of the best and new devices.  It appears that all the major players are attempting to grab a lot of cash off of the holiday rush, except for the one player that appears to need a life saving operation, Research In Motion.

RIM originally wanted to release BlackBerry 10 in September of 2012, but pushed back the release date to Q4.  Not being specific about the exact day, this is one many factors which led to many BlackBerry fan’s being disappointed, and in some cases jumping ship to other devices. It has also led to continuous roasting and ridicule in the media about RIM’s failure to be the cool device everyone wants.

Proud to Be a BlackSheep – Image courtesy of BerryReporter.com

Now with rumours that the first BlackBerry device could either ship in January or March (no firm date has been set yet), an armchair quarterback can sit back, and see perhaps the biggest and smartest marketing strategy ever.  This brought courtesy of Thorston Heins and his officers who are at the helm of the BlackBerry Battleship.

By avoiding the big holiday rush, and releasing the phone after Christmas, or even a couple of months (say March), RIM is perhaps  making the smartest and most deliberate move in it’s history.  Although RIM is far from financial trouble, a lot of things depend on when the new devices make an appearance , and the integrity and accountability RIM owes it’s share holders hangs by a thin thread.  BlackBerry 10 has to succeed, and March being a typically slow month in the electronics world, the new Operating System is being given every opportunity to be a success.

Consumers will more than likely have their post Christmas bank rolls refilled, and theoretically, there should be no competition when the release happens.  RIM may be betting on all the planets aligning this coming spring.

Slowly leaking out images, showing the potential for what BlackBerry 10 can do at BlackBerry Jam’s, courting and wooing developers, and continuously promoting through social media and events.  This brilliant marketing to the masses, has appeased the fans who have stuck with BlackBerry through this rough and tough time.  Blogs such as Crackberry.com, N4BB.com, Nerdberry, BlackBerryOS.com, BerryReporter, BlackBerry Empire and countless others around the globe,  have delivered fair and at times critical opinions about the way RIM has operated in the past. Excitement can be felt from all bloggers who care deeply about RIM, BlackBerry and the devices that this company has provided the consumer.

Although, it is tempting to jump ship, grab a new device, and have features that are not available at this time on BlackBerry device, take a moment and lean back and survey the big picture.  The future is just after Christmas for #TeamBlackBerry, and the future looks good.