Incipio BlackBerry Z10 OVRMLD Case w/Holster Review


Just before the turn of the new millenia the South Californian designer/manufacturer Incipio had begun establishing their roots. With innovative new design standards–keeping pace with price conscious consumers and the latest trends of the mobile world, Incipio rose to become a powerful brand with a sharp identity and design aesthetic.

Incipio’s products cover a slew of devices popular tablets like the iPad and Kindle and  a range of smartphones from all the top vendors. This includes the latest BlackBerry 10 devices. The Z10 is the 13th phone from BlackBerry that Incipio has built cases for, the case within this review, the OVRMLD  Series bears the ‘Built for BlackBerry’ certification meaning the case was tailor designed for the phone through a special partnership between the two companies.


The OVRMLD case is a Flexible Hard-Shell Case. The material that makes up the case is a proprietary blend of poly-carbonate Incipio has developed called Plextonium. This material is easier to manufacture, lightweight and fortified against drops and scratches.


This case has a dual-injected design built with a raised NGP core, this creates less direct contact with the phone itself protecting softotuch finishes and surface wear. This will keep your Z10 looking good longer. From the days I’ve spent with the case I have a very positive impression. The build material is very nice and feels smooth in the hands. The edges are raised to impede any tabletop screen scratches and you have full access to all your ports. While still protecting the phone and all its corners the case manages to both be functional and aesthetically fetching. The clean lines–and clearly engineered design give you a top notch experience. Little things like the gray strips on the back of the device are slightly raised to keep even the case from scratching. There are even subtle cutouts for microphone and speaker.


The volume rocker and sleep/wake may be the weakest points on this case. The volume rockers are flush with the casing and I LOVE this because it stops them from catching on fabric and being damaged. The sleep/wake however is not raised enough and sometimes hard to find. Some may find the flush rockers annoying but because the rocker is set in three parts you can still feel the buttons and use them just fine. To complain about the sleep wake button on this case is to nit-pick at best.


Incipio sells this case for $39.99 and it even comes with a black plastic holster which the OVRMLD slides in and out of easily–the phone can face in or out which is a great added feature. There are some other goodies inside the package as well. For the price this is a fabulous case. It protects your phone without being obtrusive to its use, and I find taking the phone in and out of the case very pleasant, I don’t have to fight with it. It goes in  and out while retaining its shape unlike some cases that after use become loose and less form fitting, the material here is great and durable. Aside from the wonderful OVRMLD case, Incipio also has two other ranges for the Z10 the feather and the DualPro the former being a easy snap on case and the latter dualpro being the feather case with an added silicon core. These two cases also come in a ‘SHINE’ variant that have an aluminum finish. Of the 5 cases currently supporting the Z10 the OVRMLD is the most costly at $39.99, but considering it comes with a holster, a great durable smooth touch dual tone case, screen protector, wipe cloth and application card, the price is very reasonable, screen protectors alone for the Z10 range from 5-15 dollars.

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