IMG_00000076_1-e1365039841701Here is the first look of what seems to be a sketch of the upcoming BlackBerry R-Series device. As you can see from the sketch it is sporting external SD & MicroSIM card slots on the left area where you would normally see convenience keys. If you remember the Bold 9000 had an external SD Slot located on the left side of the device so it won’t be the first time we see a BlackBerry with side slots. However, the Micro SIM on the side of the device will be something we have not seen on any previous BlackBerry device.

This feature is neat for those who travel out of town and the country often as taking out your battery each time to swap SIM cards and SD Cards becomes cumbersome.

It is being reported that the device will be sporting an 1800mAh battery (same as Z10) and expected to be an “entry-level” device at an affordable price. – Think popular Curve line! Its availability should be sometime during late summer or early fall between the Q3 and Q4 periods. Expect a low MSRP at around $300-$400 without contract.

Internal memory is said to be 8GB  which is half the space of the BlackBerry Q10 & Z10 devices.

According to our sources the user has signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which prevents him from releasing actual images but has provided us with a similar sketch of the upcoming BlackBerry which we could see as early as this year.

What do you all think of the R-Series device?