This article will show you how to install or upgrade an operating system (OS) to your BlackBerry smartphone device. With RIM constantly pushing out updates to their operating system software we decided to give you a run down on how to update your device. Whether it’s a brand new software version, leaked os, or an incremental update, there are many advantages to updating. The software on your BlackBerry® smartphone powers the features and functionality you love. By updating that software, you may be able to enjoy new features or enhancements.

What will you need?

BlackBerry Desktop Software (PC)

BlackBerry Desktop Software (Mac)

Linberry (Linux)

Download the latest software version or leaked OS you wish to install

– You can find the latest leaked and official OS here at, for most recent version please visit our category section for your specific device.

– Each OS is device specific, you cannot download an OS of any other device but your own.

– More than likely we have posted your device’s OS on if for some reason it is not available you can visit RIM’s website or your carrier’s website for latest OS.

How do I know which OS I am running?

Simply hit Alt+Shift+H on your BlackBerry keyboard and it will take you to Help Me screen as screenshot below:

As you can see I am running OS Another way to view your current device OS is by going to Options – Device (Or type About on keyboard) – About Device Version that will show you device OS version as well.

After you have downloaded .exe file from, RIM’s website or your carrier’s website you will then install onto your computer:

After you have successfully installed the operating system (OS) .exe file on your device:
Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader delete file “vendor.xml” (file may be in a different location) this will ensure you get prompted an update in BlackBerry Desktop Software if you chose to download an OS outside of your carrier’s but specific to your device. If you cannot find the vendor.xml file, no problem. You may download this neat little tool that will automatically find all and any vendor file on your computer and delete them for you. VENDELETE+.
What exactly is VENDELETE?

VENDELETE+ scans your entire system drive for occurrences of
BB vendor-specific configuration (Vendor.xml) files and
gives you an option to delete found files. As a precaution,
only RIM Vendor.xml files can be deleted with VENDELETE+.

VENDELETE+ also gives you the option to clear your previous
BB apps list from the Windows registry. Clearing this list
prevents your apps from displaying in Loader.exe to aid you
in performing a ‘clean’ OS installation, hybrid or regular.
You will not be prompted unless the registry key exists and
the procedure does not delete the applications themselves.

VENDELETE+ has two optional parameters:
vendelete+ /a = Automatic delete/clean (no prompting)
vendelete+ /(other) = Display this help screen.

Download here.

After you have successfully deleted vendor file or ran VENDELETE+ you may open BlackBerry Desktop Software, make sure your device is connected to computer and mass storage mode is turned off. Once device has connected to computer, you will be prompted to update your device. Quick note: Be sure to backup your device before any OS installation just in case anything goes wrong you have all your settings and device backed up.

Follow steps on screen during installation, please be patient as it may take 30 mins or so for your device to reboot. (This is normal).

After your OS has been re-installed there are always two optional steps that you can get into right afterwards before you disconnect your device from BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Data Restoration
Click Device in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager menu, and click on Restore, depending on how many backups you have made before, a list of detailed backups with size and date will be given to you, and upon choosing one the restore wizard will take you through the process.

Additional applications
Go to the applications tab and you will find that some optional available functions were not added e.g. various language support and inversely you can remove languages you will most likely not use. I, for instance, removed all but the English language support.



If you have any questions regarding any steps feel free to drop a comment below.