Over the weekend Michael posted in the forums on how to download mixtapes onto your BlackBerry device. If you’re unfamiliar with mixtapes, they are simply music files inside a folder that come zipped. In order to access content in a zipped folder, you must Unzip it. Contents in a zipped file contain more than just music. Zips are intended to store a collection of files, whatever they may be. What does zipping actually do?

  1. It bundles one or more files into a single container file.
  2. It compresses (archives) its contents to be as much as 90% smaller size.
  3. It can provide an optional password padlock on its contents.

The liaison has put together a video demonstration on how to Download & Unzip Files onto your BlackBerry device. The first thing you will need to do, is follow these simple instructions before getting started.


1. Download Opera Mini for the Blackberry at: http://m.opera.com
2. Download BB File Scout Lite (winzip for Blackberries) at: http://www.emacberry.com/ota/BBFileScout.jad
3. Download mixtape of your choice (from BBM blast, e-mail, Twitter, etc.) to your memory card on your BlackBerry.
4. Use BB File Scout Lite to go to where you saved the file at and press menu. Then extract the zip file.

Click here to view in Mobile

And thats it! Pretty simple isn’t it? A quick suggestion would be to pick up an SD gb card with extra storage so you will have a place for your files. Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to share!