A third party Google Voice application for the PlayBook is now available in App World. GVoice is the premiere Google Voice application for webOS tablets and phones, and is now available at a special introductory price on your RIM Playbook!

Harness the power of the Google Voice service to send and receive SMS text messages, forward incoming and outgoing telephone calls to any telephone, control your Google Calendar, and more:

– Forward calls through your Google Voice number

– Send and receive SMS text messages from your Google Voice number

– including support for long messages exceeding 160 characters!

– Archive messages, mark as read or starred, block callers, delete conversations

– Search past text conversations

– Do-not-Disturb mode to force all calls to voicemail

– Automatic new message checking


Please note that GVoice and the Google Voice service itself does NOT provide VoIP service — you can NOT use this app alone to make telephone calls.


All Google Voice requirements apply: phone calls require an existing telephone device or Google Voice enabled device, such as Google Talk with Voice. If you do not have a Google Voice account, you must be within the United States to configure it. Complete details and sign up can be found at the Google Voice website at http://www.google.com/ and at the official GVoice website at .


Note: Voicemail playback from your tablet is currently not available — this is likely to change very soon.

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