GetGlue has been around since 2009, and has brought about a different kind of social interaction.  Users can check in to movies, music, books, tv shows, video games as well as allow others to know what music they are listening to, or what topic they may be thinking about.   They can have conversations with others about the subject matter they are checking into, reply and be notified, thereby enabling some real conversation about whatever it is the user decides to chat about.  Users are also able to rate all these topics, as well as vote on what others are saying.

Unlike other social apps,, users get rewarded by more than just points or online badges, they actually get stickers.   REAL STICKERS!  The BlackBerry GetGlue App is completely free, and makes life so much easier when checking in to your favourite topic.

My First Batch of GetGlue Stickers - Never has a man been so happy.

Yes, once a month, after accumulating a minimum of 20 stickers, users can ask for their stickers to be shipped to them for free. I have just recently received my first batch of 20 stickers, and I have to say, they are of a really good quality.

GetGlue BlackBerry Home Screen

As you can see from the picture to the right, you just select what item you want to check into, and from there it will take you to a search field that will let you put in the topic or media you are thinking about.  It will also remember the most recent topics that you have checked into, and give you a list of these topics, so it’s really convenient for those topics you are addicted to.

I have had some problems with the app if I had it open and lost my WiFi connection, getting an error saying that it cannot establish a connection, but closing down the app, and then reopening seemed to fix this error and connection wasn’t a problem.  The app does seem to fixate on either WiFi or a data connection, so I’ve found wandering away from my home WiFi and having a weaker signal made the hour glass pop up when attempting to do something, showing it’s not smart enough to go with the stronger connection.

The search function seems to have everything under the sun, but GetGlue doesn’t seem to allow you to add anything to it.  I thought this was a little annoying when I wanted to select “Thinking About a Topic”, but I do understand the reasoning behind it as an influx of garbage entries could be inputed by the user community.

It was on while writing the review, and Snatch is a great movie.

Checkin' In to Snatch

Checking in to the topic is as simple as clicking a button.  You can also link your GetGlue account (yes, you must create an account and the easiest way to do this is via computer) to your Twitter and Facebook so everyone can know what you’re doing this.  It’s nice on the GetGlue BlackBerry App, that you can uncheck the Send to Facebook or Send to Twitter options, so you don’t annoy your friends all the time.

Sometimes the keyboard doesn't swipe down, and you get extra letters in the comment.

During check in, you can add a comment to your check in, which is beneficial is it gives you more points.  I still haven’t quite figured out how the points system works, but I’m guessing after so many points, you unlock more stickers.  One little annoying thing about this comments option though is when the keyboard is up, you can’t just hit enter to send off your comment.  You must swipe away the keyboard, and it’s not a quick response to the swipe, sometimes inserting extra letters into your comment. (I always seems to get the letter U.)

The stickers stream gives you a break down of the stickers that are available for a limited time, featured, and your stickers.  GetGlue has partnered with a multitude of entertainment companies to offer stickers, and it’s fun to hunt stickers down, making it a game as well as a cool social app.  To follow other users helps you hunt down more stickers, helping add to the sticker collecting addiction.

I Like AC/DC! So do 5008 other people.

The BlackBerry GetGlue App is very easy and intuitive to use, and users will find themselves collecting REAL stickers in no time.  Hopefully future updates to the App will address the small issues, and bring more functionality to an app that is already very solid. The GetGlue App is available for all devices that support Operating System 5.0 and higher.

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